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2014 Match Summaries

Boys' Latin vs Mt. St. Joseph - May 7, 2014

Bennett Wisner took a deep breath as he stood over his birdie putt on the final green at the Suburban Club.  A gentle breeze blew as the clouds overhead parted enough to reveal a golden skyline.  The Laker Senior and Co-Captain had won the front side of his match and now stood all square on the back half and one up for the total contest.  His putt was of considerable distance - measuring roughly twenty-five feet in total length; and of significant complexity - including left to right movement of four feet.  His journey to this point had been a remarkable one - and had started seven years earlier as a dream of a wide-eyed eleven year old.  Since then, Wisner's passion, integrity and determination had fueled a magnificent rise to the top of his sport - one that included numerous championship victories and an overly-impressive competitive resume.  Awaiting him for his next stage of life is Loyola University, where he will play Divison I Golf for the Greyhounds. Most assuredly, this young man's ascent and associated accomplishments have been truly remarkable; and he stands to depart from Boys' Latin having won the respect, admiration and trust of his fellow teammates, students, and coaches.  All that being said, he still had one last putt.  His stroke was steady and well-paced.  The ball rolled forward on its intended line.  Wisner lifted his gaze as the putt reached its point of break.  On-lookers raised their eyebrows and leaned forward.  The break took the ball left to right - and the pace began to slow as it reached its destination.  Gasps were heard and tension was heightened.  Wisner stood tall from his previously bent posture - and watched, along with all others, the ball disappear into the cup with its final rotation.  Cheers.  Hugs.  Tears... Victory.

Boys' Latin hosted Mt. St. Joseph at the Suburban Club in the final match of the 2014 Season.  Fresh off their strong showing and halved-match against Calvert Hall the day prior, the Lakers were overly-enthused about the prospects of facing-off against the Gaels.  Rain had blanketed the course earlier in the day, but had given way to a cloudy and calm afternoon that enabled the contest to be played on schedule.  Parents of outgoing Seniors were honored ahead of the competition in an annual tradition that never fails to warm the heart and inspire.  And special recognition was offered to Coach Champion's father - who was in attendance for the match, and who has served his son as a role model throughout his life.  Team photos were taken for the yearbook; and plenty of affirmation and kind words were exchanged amongst the broader Laker Golf family.

The first four tee shots struck by Boys' Latin were from Seniors.  Following Wisner was Randy Wells, fellow Co-Captain Dylan Watts, and Drew Miller.  It's worthy of note that Wells' offering was a monsterous blast - and sailed through the fairway's bottleneck with remarkable power and strength.  Wells collected valuable points through play that was punctuated with poise and grace - and continued to represent an on-course presence that is reflective of consummate professionalism.

Dylan Watts grinded through a hard-fought afternoon, and refused to give-in when the chips were down.  The ever-affable team leader, produced a fine showing on the day, and duf deep within himself to stand tough against a formidable St. Joseph opponent.

After winning the front side, Drew Miller fell victim early in the second half to an Gael who had caught fire.  Interacting with his coach with four holes remaining, Miller quipped "I'm one down and I've kind of lost the momentum," to which his coach responded simply "Well, get it back.  These are the last four holes of this match.  Make 'em count."  Miller smiled, nodded, and obliged.  By the conclusion of that remaining stretch of holes, he had overcome the deficit, taken a lead and closed out the match - winning the second half and total match in the process.  A scrapper 'til the end, Drew Miller truly knows how to get the job done.

Seth Miller competed in the number five slot - and collected a valuable point early in the match for winning the front side. Working alongside friend and fellow Junior, Shane Kilberg, Miller combined effective course management with considerable quality of ball-striking in order to negotiate his way around the Suburban linksland.  Miller earned an additional half point for splitting the total match.

For his efforts in partering with Miller, six-man Shane Kilberg helped the Lakers earn a valuable team point victory.  Kilberg was consistently presented with lies and angles that carried their share of challenges - and yet he continually produced efforts that were inspirational for their execution and committment.  Kilberg works with diligence and discipline - and carries himself with integrity and intention.  His gritty work ethic and his committment to excellence is both appreciated and highly-valued by his fellow teammates.

At day's end, the Lakers produced a fine showing against a highly-talented St. Joseph squad - and for having done so, they earned a halve against the Gaels.

Following the conclusion of play, teams shook hands and broke bread.  Smiles and laughter filled the evening air.  Photos were taken, stories recounted, and hugs exchanged.  And as the sun finally set at Suburban, it took with it the conclusion of the 2014 season.  It was one that found a group of boys living life, learning lessons, growing in friendship, and bonding in spirit.  Golf had been a vehicle of impact for their journey; and lifes had been served through its truth.  And at the end of the day, that's what it's all about.

Proverbs 22:6

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 10.5 / Mt. St. Joseph 10.5

Boys' Latin vs Calvert Hall - May 6, 2014

Calvert Hall won the Conference Championship in 2013.  In 2014 they were undefeated and once-again ranked atop the Conference standings.  Their home course is The Country Club of Maryland - known for its speedy greens, excellent course conditions and tight layout.  Calvert Hall's message to visiting teams is the appropriately bold mantra "You Better Bring An Army!" With all that in mind, Boys' Latin traveled to the Country Club of Maryland face-off against Calvert Hall in the final away contest of the regular season.

"In the clearing stands a boxer, and a fighter by his trade.  And he carries the reminders, of every glove that laid him down or cut him 'til he cried out, in his anger and his shame "I am leaving! I am leaving!"...but the fighter still remains.

- The Boxer, Simon & Garfunkel

The figher still remains in Dylan Watts.  The Laker Senior and Co-Captain nearly drove the green at the last hole - his tee shot coming to rest pin-high and left of the green near a grove of poplar trees.  With over-arching branches casting shadows across the rough-line, Watts eyed the contours of the green before him.  He had won the front side one-up, and had continued his fine play throughout the second half.  Now before him was an opportunity to close the session with a full sweep of available points.  Having faced tough outcomes on the final hole previously during the season, Watts dug deep to produce his strongest effort for the shot at hand.  His wedge brushed through the tall grass - lifting the ball gently aloft.  It carried onto the surface and into a gentle up-slope before taking the break down-grain and rolling toward the hole.  Behind him stood his father - a gentle grin on his face.  And as the shot came to rest an inch from the cup, the grin turned into a wide-eyed smile.  A father's affirmation, not only for a well-timed birdie, but for witnessing first-hand his son's determination.

The fighter still remains in Bennett Wisner.  Fresh off his T-7 showing in the Stroke Play Championship, the Laker Co-Captain knew he'd need to come out swinging against his top-seeded opponent.  And do so he did.  Wisner and his opponent were each three under through the first four holes.  That's right.  Three under through four.  The Laker Senior continued the assault of excellence, and took the front side point with a victory.  It was an essential win for the Lakers - and an amazing start to the day that would put Boys' Latin on the board early.  Wisner struggled mid-season with a dislocated finger that inhibited his motion during multiple contests.  His determination and resolve did not waiver however - and he very clearly and effectively overcame the challenge to produce a remarkable showing on the day.  What's more, Wisner's conduct and integrity was complimented by a gallery member who approached the coaching staff and remarked "I've been watching Bennett Wisner compete for four years, and I have to say that the way he carries himself on the course is extremely impressive.  He's a true class act."  Three under through four has got nothing on that.

At the turn, Boys' Latin led Calvert Hall 3.5 to 2.5.  

The fighter still remains in Randy Wells.  Swinging with grace and power, the Boys' Latin Senior pounded his driver with purity and carved his approach shots with deft artistry.  After a fine effort found him dropping the front side, Wells refused to accept the same fate for the second half.  Drawing on strength from within, he anchored firm resolve and staunch determination for the remaining holes before him.  And in doing so, he elevated his game to new heights - and split the back half accordingly.  Wells' refusal to roll over served as inspiration for those around him - and the contagion that ensued was nothing short of remarkable.

Following the conclusion of matches 1 & 2, Boys' Latin trailed 7 to 4.

The fighter still remains in Drew Miller.  Playing alongside partner and fellow Senior, Dylan Watts, the long-hitting southpaw displayed true grit and heightened competitive fire throughout the day - and produced one of his finest showing of the season.  The always-scrappy Miller never yields to a challenge - and this day on the links was no exception.  Knowing that he must bring his best effort for the day, Miller operated with intention and discipline throughout the day.  Marrying incredible greenside touch with excellence in ball-striking, Miller took his opponent for points on the front side and over-all match.  What's more, Miller partnered with Watts to take the team point.  Between this effort, as well as Watts' collection of all three points with his birdie at the last, Boys' Latin was in the process of an impressive rally.

Following the conclusion of matches 3 & 4, Boys' Latin trailed 8.5 to 7.5

The fighter still remains in Seth Miller.  The broad and powerful Junior utilized effective course management and a never-say-die attitude to negotiate his way around the linksland.  And after a rally from his opponent negated a two up lead on the front with a split of the associated point, Miller curled his lip and grinded his teeth in committment to collect the points that remained.  And in good form, that's exactly what he did.  Miller stormed through the back side, with pure execution and an unwavering committment to his gameplan.  In doing so, he won the second half and the total match - and partnered with Freshman Drew Nicholas to split the team point at the last with a remarkable pitch from within the treeline that found the green and set-up a two-putt from 25 feet.  Seth Miller played with balance and confidence - and grinded his way to an essential collection of points.

The fighter still remains in Drew Nicholas.  After a few early miscues led to a dropped front side, the spit-fire Freshman boosted himself with positive self-talk and a refusal to give-up.  A consummate gentleman competitor, Nicholas eyed the second half with sheer resolve.  Following a modest tweak to his set-up, he set-out with gritty determination.  And in true form, he proceeded to win three of the ensuing five holes - including a critical putt at the second-to-last that led to the anchoring of a split match.  At fifteen years old, Drew Nicholas has learned something of himself this season - that he's no quitter.  This kid doesn't give up.  He doesn't roll over.  He doesn't face strife and back-away in cowardice.  He faces the challenge.  He stares it in the eye.  And he fights the good fight.  How many of us, dear readers, would have appreciated such self-awareness in adolence?  This kid's a fighter - and he knows it.  Watch out, 2015.

At day's end, Boys' Latin had gone the distance against the Golliath that is Calvert Hall.  And in doing so, they anchored a tie on the road against the undefeated defending champion.

The fighter still remains in Boys' Latin.  The squad  rose to the challenge and brought an army against Calvert Hall.  It was an inspirational day for a group of young men that's refusing to give-up.  As much challenge and tough outcomes as this Team has faced, it has yet to back down from its committment to integrity, discipline and intention.  Those core values continue to fuel their fire and anchor their resolve.

Mount St. Joe is next.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 10.5 / Calvert Hall 10.5

Boys' Latin vs McDonogh - April 23, 2014

The Lakers traveled to Woodholme Country Club to grapple with the Eagles of McDonogh.  Strong winds battered the competitors throughout the day - as did the ever-challenging layout of one of Baltimore's most demanding courses.  Boys' Latin came to play, though - and stood firm throughout the day in their effort against the opposition.

Bennett Wisner and Randy Wells grinded their way to a Team Point victory on the day.  For his part, Wisner contined his stretch of magnificent play with a one-under-par showing across the front nine.  His drives cut through the breeze with force and grace - and his touch around the greens remained ever-delicate.  Wisner's maturation into the fine young player he's become has been a journey of development unique for its truth and purpose.  Wells continued to anchor the two slot; and in classic fashion, plodded his way through a hard-fought afternoon.  Wells on-course personality continues to reflect peace and balance - and brings considerable comfort to his teammates and playing partners.

Dylan Watts and Drew Miller formed a one-two punch in the middle of the order.  Watts got off to a fast start against his opponent and handily won the front side for a critical point.  His competitor caught fire in second half, however; and birdied three of the final five holes.  Undaunted, Watts forged ahead and was able to take the total match.  Miller, a cool and collected team veteran who is admired by his teammates for his grit and determination, dug deep throughout the afternoon to produce a strong showing against the opposition.  His presence in the four slot brought a valuable partner to Watts, and an important competitive fire to the middle of the roster.

Seth Miller and Drew Nicholas partnered in closing resposibilities - and combined to collect two and a half points on the day.  Nicholas rallied after dropping the front to win the back side; and Miller split the total after cruising to victory in the first half.  Throughout the day, the Junior and the Freshman worked together in a joint effort that was strong and fruitful.

Of additional note, Garrett Glaeser won his first match as a Laker while competing in the 8 position.  Glaeser, fresh off his strong showing in the Stroke Play Invitational, married deft touch greenside with controlled ball-striking to win his overall match two-up.  The scrappy Freshman played alongside Team Veteran and Junior Captain, Shane Kilberg - who, for his part, also won his match handily, four-up.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 8.5 / McDonogh: 12.5

Stroke Play Invitational - April 17 & 22, 2014

The inaugural Stroke Play Invitational was contested April 17th and 22nd, and found five MIAA Schools competiting in a unique championship across two host sites.  St. Paul's, Calvert Hall, Loyola, Gilman and Boys' Latin all squared off in the contest - which permitted each school to send 4 players per round, with the 3 low scores of each representing the Team Score for the day.  After both days, the 6 low rounds of the 8 were combinedand reflected the Team Aggregate for the Championship.  Round One was held at Hillendale Country Club.  Round Two was played at Towson Golf and Country Club.

Boys' Latin sent Freshmen Garrett Glaeser and Drew Nicholas, along with Juniors Justin Donawa and Shane Kilberg to represent the squad in the first round.  All four Lakers played well and fought 43 degree temperatures and 30 mph wind gusts to anchor the Lakers two shots back and firmly within striking distance of the leaders, Calvert Hall, after Day One.

Seniors Randy Wells, Drew Miller, Bennett Wisner and Dylan Watts took to the links representing Boys' Latin in Round 2.  All four Laker veterans played brilliantly on the day - with a dramatic highlight being Wisner's eagle on the par five final hole to shoot one under on the day.

At day's end, the Lakers overcame their two shot deficit to win the Championship - besting the field on the heels of a strong and inspirational collective showing.

Final Score:  Lakers Win!

Boys' Latin vs St. Paul's - April 16, 2014

As the sun set at The Suburban Club following the conclusion of a highly-competitive and hard-fought contest between the two conference rivals, members of the St. Paul's and Boys' Latin Golf Teams removed their caps, shook one anothers' hands, and proceeded to break bread together.  Sandwiches, chips, and cookies were loaded upon plates and smiles crossed the faces of the competitors as they talked and laughed beneath a golden skyline.  This moment - this snapshot of camaraderie between young men - was an inspiring example of gentlemenly conduct, and indeed the most substantive victory on the day.

That being said, there was a lot of golf that was played too.

Standing with his left foot in muddy pine needles and his right foot on a tree root, Seth Miller waggled his short-iron above a ball nestled deep within the unkempt rough just right of the eleventh fairway.  It would be his second shot at the par four; and with his opponent already on the green, there was little room for error.  Immediately ahead of Miller were over-hanging branches and mangled thicket threatening misfortune - yet not nearly as much as might have been delivered at the hands of the massive Ash Tree fifty yards in front of the Laker Junior.  This tree stood unapologetically between Miller and his target - and struck a posture among onlookers which was so seemingly helpless, that there wasn't a soul in the gallery who didn't whimper the phrase "pitch out."

Well, maybe save one onlooker - Miller himself.  

The ball was struck with resounding purity.  It flew beneath the over-hanging branches, past the thicket, then climbed aggressively and rapidly, ascending the skyline until it passed the tips of the massive Ash, pausing briefly at its apex as if to wink knowingly, before breaking downward gently and softly, and finding, among all places, the green's lush surface.  It was a moment of pure perfection.

Senior Co-Captain Bennett Wisner was three under par on the day.  The Laker Veteran was two under through nine holes and birdied the par-five final hole to drop to three red.  In doing so, Wisner swept his top-seeded opponent and collected all three points on the day.  Wisner's game is astounding.  He marries deft touch with sheer strength and unrivaled passion.  But most impressive is his conduct, his leadership and his integrity.  It's what makes him the consummate gentleman competitor - and what defines his position as one of the most respected young talents in the game. Wisner partnered with fellow Senior Randy Wells to split the Team point accordingly.  Worthy of additional mention is the effort of both boys on the Par 3 6th Hole - the final hole in the match's front side.  Wisner entered the hole all square, and Wells one-down. Undaunted, they produced strong showings on the hole - each one winning it to take the momentum, and 1.5 points in the process.

Seth Miller and Dylan Watts partnered in the middle of the line-up.  Like Wisner and Wells before him, Miller entered the 6th hole with some pressure to perform.  Like Wells, his match had been all-square - and also in good order, he proceeded to win the hole to take the point.  Watts grappled all day, and dug deep to take his opponent the distance.  And in doing so, the Laker Co-Captain split the back side and partnered with Miller to collect the Team Point.  Watts is beloved by his fellow teammates, and they were quick to shake his hand and pat his back as he exited the final green.

Drew Nicholas and Shane Kilberg produced a hard-fought effort on the day.  Kilberg continued to reflect why he's a strong anchor man in the roster - and played the part of closer with ferocity and grit throughout the day.  Few other competitors can boast the steely nerves and steady grit that Kilberg has shown this season.  Nicholas, competing in the five slot, had his hands full early in the contest as his opponent birdied two of the first three holes.  Accordingly, Nicholas found himself three down through three holes.  But this kid doesn't roll-over.  Nicholas dug deep to produce his best in the ensuing fourth and fifth holes - and won each in impressive fashion.  And thus, standing on the 6th tee, he needed to win the hole to split the front.  His tee shot found the right bunker and was pin-high.  His opponent...hit it to 8 feet.  The gallery sighed.  Nicholas grinded his teeth and curled his lip.  Digging his feet into the sand, he lifted his stare to the flagstick and then back to his ball.  The shot exited the bunker with crispness, landed ahead of the hole, and rolled over the cup as the crowd gasped.  It would come to rest on the fringe of the green - twelve feet above the hole.  Nicholas was still away.  He opted to putt it rather than chip, and examined the shot from multiple angles.  Then, the stroke.  The ball rolled forward, never leaving its intended line, tracked toward the hole as though on a mission...and fell into the cup.  Par!  Amazing.  Nicholas' opponent was taken aback; and rolled his birdie putt 5 feet past the hole.  He would make the come-backer; but it wasn't enough to take the momentum.  Nicholas would go on to win the back side and split the total match - collecting a point and a half in total.

34, 38, 38, 39, 39, 42.  Those were the 9 hole scores for the Lakers' Starting Six.  Those scores, dear reader, are excellent. This Boys' Latin squad continues to bring strong efforts day in and day out.  Unfortunately, matches have been dropped, even at the hands of such respectable showings.  But such reality shouldn't be absorbed by galleries as by way of poor play. It simply isn't the case.  These matches are a race to 11 points.  Simply put, there are a sprint - not a marathon.  21 total points exist across each 12 hole slug-fest; and whatever team garners 11 first wins the day's contest.  So, a 12.5 / 8.5 loss isn't akin to losing by 4 points.  It's a loss by 2.5.  And in many cases, due to construct of the point system, the final 1-2 holes commonly carry with them the capacity of collecting upwards of 2-3 points per person.  Sometimes it comes down to a single putt.  In this particular match, one St. Paul's player had a putt on the final green that was worth 3 points.  Remarkable, really.  Regardless, it's appropriate to say that Boys' Latin is playing very well - and if said performance continues over the final stretch of matches, it's likely that good fortune will come their way.  

Final Score: Boys' Latin 8.5 / St. Paul's 12.5

Boys' Latin vs Archbishop Spalding - April 9, 2014

Boys' Latin took to the road to face-off against the Cavaliers of Archbishop Spalding at the Naval Academy Golf Course in Annapolis.  Hungry for competition, the Lakers were collectively charged to bring their best against the Conference stalwart; and did so indeed in an effort that found the Top Six Boys' Latin starters averaging a nine hole score of 39.

Bennett Wisner and Dylan Watts partnered atop the roster and staged a charge against their top seed opponents.  Wisner recorded a 38 across the front nine of Naval Academy; and Watts carded a 39.  The duo fought hard throughout the day; and while points eluded them, they nevertheless put forth a strong showing for the afternoon.

Seth Miller and Randy Wells followed in the two and three slots - and produced remarkably fine showings individually and collectively.  For his part, Miller married prowess in total driving with controlled and flighted approach shots en route to collecting all three points for his match by way of a nine hole score of 37.  Not to be outdone, Wells (whose nine hole score of even par 36 was the lowest for the Lakers on the day), notched victory on the front side and split the total match with an effort on the day that was nothing short of excellent.  Miller and Wells partnered to win the team point accordingly in a fitting cap of a job well done on the day.

Drew Miller and Shane Kilberg fought hard in the closing pairing.  Miller's never-say-die attitude aided greatly in the team's effort to secure victory in the all-important team point.  Kilberg played with diligence and focus throughout the afternoon - and collected points for the front side and total match, en route to recording a two-over-par score of 38 across the front nine.

In all, the Lakers produced a strong showing against Archbishop Spalding; and while it would find them falling a bit short of victory in the match, it was enough to find them encouraged for the strength of their collective effort and their chances of success in the time ahead.  Next up is St. Paul's; and you can be sure this Laker squad will be ready for that match-up.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 8.5 / St. Paul's 12.5


Boys' Latin vs Loyola - April 4, 2014

Boys' Latin played host to Loyola in the season's second match.  Foul weather once again postponed the competiton a few days; but that didn't extinguish the Lakers' desire for hard-fought competition ahead of the day's contest.  Following their rally to tie Gilman, Boys' Latin was primed for break-out against the Dons of Loyola - and took to the course with full focus and intention. 

Through the afternoon, Boys' Latin persevered through challenge and difficulty - none more than Senior Co-Captain, Bennett Wisner.  Playing with a hand injury sustained two days earlier, Wisner battled through pain and discomfort throughout the contest.  One-handed finishes were necessitated by an inability to maintain a grip post-impact - and winces were common as the Laker veteran executed his shots.  Wisner's example was inspiring, and his never-say-die attitude aided in his success in winning the final three holes to halve the match's second half.  

Playing alongside Wisner was fellow Senior and Co-Captain Dylan Watts.  Watt's ongoing encouragement and affirmation of his fellow teammate aided greatly in their collective effort on the day.  Watts has long differentiated himself as a gentleman competitor and continues to walk the fairways with integrity in 2014.  His remains an example for others to follow, and there's no doubt among his peers why he carries responsibilities of Team leadership upon his shoulders.

Senior Randy Wells staged a rally of his own across the Suburban linksland.  After dropping the front side one-down, Wells dug deep within himself to ignite an impressive second-half, come-from-behind effort.  Marrying deft greenside touch with excellence in total driving, Wells notched victories for the back side and total match.  What's more, he combined with Junior Captain Shane Kilberg to split the all-important team point on the day.

For his part, Kilberg produced a strong effort that found him hanging-tough with his opponent throughout the afternoon.  A split front side would set the pace for a halved back side and total match.  Kilberg continues to impress with strong developments of on-course discipline, shot-making, and teamwork.

Senior Drew Miller got off to a blazing start and won his match's front side three-up.  Not to be outdone, his opponent caught fire in similar fashion on the back half with three birdies altogether.  The over-all match ended in a split; and Miller worked hard to contribute to a victory in the Team Point alonside partner Drew Nicholas.  Miller has long been a workhorse like no other - refusing to roll over when times get challening.  It's the Laker Senior's greatest strength - this gravel-in-the-gut, bulldog mentality - and it's gotten rather contagious amongst his BL Golf peers.

Nicholas, the lone Freshman in the starting six, impressed with quality ball-striking and remarkable scrambling technique.  He charged from the gates and anchored victory early in the match's front side.  He contiuned his fine play through the back half in order to win the total match - even against an impressive rally from his opponent that would claim the second half point. Nicholas continues to leave on-lookers wide-eyed, as his on-course performance leaves little doubt about his position as one of the MIAA's top young talents.

While the day would find Loyola taking the match, Boys' Latin found solace in knowing that they fought hard on the day - and failed to give in when times were challenging.  There's plenty of golf remaining to be played, and this Laker squad continues to have its eyes on success in the time ahead.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 8.5 / Loyola 12.5

Boys' Latin vs Gilman - March 27, 2014

Boys' Latin hosted perennial A Conference powehouse, Gilman in the opening match of the 2014 Season.  As both teams gathered on the first tee for introductions, a gaze down the first fairway revealed patches of snow throughout the rough line.  Mother Nature had been anything but cooperative ahead of the initial contest - and burdened the Baltimore Area with no less than twenty-one snow events over the prior four months.  The most recent snowfall had occurred two days prior - forcing the Lakers and Greyhounds to reschedule accordingly.  Temperatures rose to the mid 40s before dropping into the upper 30s for much of match-time.  Winds of 15-20 miles per hour did the competitors no favors, either - and created wind chills that made for remarkably challenging on course conditions.

Undaunted, Boys' Latin took to the tee with a mission in mind.  They were to work their plan and to play their game.  They were to refuse to give up and to always give the shot at hand one-hundred percent of their effort and focus.  And do so they did, in astonishing fashion.

Fueled by strong showings by Seniors and Co-Captains Bennett Wisner and Dylan Watts, the Lakers anchored two points at the turn.  Their teammates fought hard as well - and took multiple matches the distance before dropping the remaining four points.  The 4-2 standing at the turn, found Boys' Latin not only trailing in points, but in total match status heading into the second leg of the afternoon's competition.

Wisner and Watts continued their excellent play and combined to anchor all available points, respectively.  Wisner off-set driving inconsistency with amazing recovery efforts - and notched a one-under par total for his first nine holes.  On the 10th, his drive found the opposite fairway; and without issue, his effort cleared the trees before him and sailed to the green before coming to rest within birdie distance.  It was a 3 he would make - furthering deepening his lead on Gilman's top seed.  For his part, Watts produced remarkable consistency of ball-striking; and deft touch greenside - and recorded a 39 across the front side of Suburban's linksland.  Playing high in the order, Watts competed with integrity, maturity and focus that fueled his accomplishment on the day.

Juniors Seth Miller and Shane Kilberg grappled through their matches with ferocity.  Falling on the front side by less than ideal margins, they refused to roll over on the back half.  They re-focused and re-anchored their attention and dedication; and in doing so found Kilberg, the 2014 Junior Captain, notching an all-important point after winning the final hole of the contest.  Kilberg's point was the momentum-shift the Lakers required - and found Boys' Latin assuming their first lead on the day.  With two contests remainin on the course, the Lakers led 9-8.

Senior Drew Miller and Freshman Drew Nicholas battled tough all day for Boys' Latin.  Miller had dropped the front side two-down before catching fire on the back half.  With three holes remaining in the match, he had secured the back side point and was dormie on the total.  His tie on the second to last hole invariably found the Lakers moving into a 10-8 position.

Nicholas battled back from deficits throughout the day.  One back then all square.  Two down then all square.  On and on it continued, never finding the Freshman scrapper wavering in his focus or determination.  The first year starter refused to lay down and fought hard throughout the day's contest.  After dropping the front and total points, Nicholas moved to the final tee one down on the back side.  And he and Miller were likewise one down on the ever-critical Team Point.

With the score thus tied 10-10, Miller and Nicholas plowed through a challenging final hole, a par 5.  Miller's drive found the right tree line, as did his second shot.  Nicholas' drive landed in an opposite fairway and his pitch back into play came to rest in the middle of the fairway.  Their respective opponents were able to advance their shots to greenside in 3 and 4 shots respectively.  Hitting first for the Lakers, Nicholas drilled a near-perfect fairway wood that never left the target line and came to rest in the neck of the fringe, just short of the putting surface.  Realizing his partner was safely in par territory, Miller took aim at the green with his approach and, to follow, his subsequent chip.  It was an effort that found the ball coming to rest within 2 feet of the hole.  And with the match tied at 10-10, Drew Miller drained his two foot putt to win the hole, halve the Team Point, and tie the match.  This marked an incredible comeback by the Lakers - one that propells the team forward into the heart of the 2014 Season.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 10.5 / Gilman 10.5 
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