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2008 Match Summaries

MIAA Individual Stroke Play Championship
May 19-21, 2008

Boys' Latin Senior Patrick Hohman stood on the par five final hole at Old South Country Club, with a feeling that his three-over par position was precariously close to a round that could find him atop the leaderboard at day's end.  His intention was to play for birdie and to finish at two-over - an excellent score given the nature of Old South's tight fairways and tucked pin position, not to mention the rain and wind that had plagued the field throughout the afternoon.   

Patrick's drive from the 18th tee box was a bit off-line and found a fairway bunker approximately 225 yards from the green.  Undaunted, Patrick proceeded to play a five wood shot from the bunker that came to rest on the back fringe, no farther than 15 feet from the hole.  Patrick studied the chip from multiple angles, addressed his 8 iron and played a bump-and-run shot that broke nearly two feet before disappearing into the cup.  Patrick Hohman had eagled the final hole to record a one over par 73 across the links of Old South Country Club.

Hohman remained the leader in the clubhouse until Gilman's Brad Miller birdied the same hole an hour later to also shoot 73 and tie Patrick for the lead.  After Miller reviewed and signed his scorecard, the players proceeded to the first tee for a sudden death playoff to decide the 2008 Championship.

Miller drew the honor and played first.  The hole ahead of him was a double-dogleg par five that offered the competitors a sizable risk-reward opportunity.  Opting for the aggressive play, Miller hit driver from the tee and cut-off the dogleg - leaving himself a mid-iron into the green.  Patrick's gameplan was more conservative and found the Laker hitting three wood up the fairway in a traditional approach to the hole's layout.  Patrick then played a five wood over trees that guarded the hole's second dogleg and pitched from there to within six feet of the hole.  Meanwhile, Miller's second shot missed the green long left, and the Gilman senior was forced to play an awkward chip shot from a poor lie - one that would roll through the green and into the opposite fringe.  Miller then putted from the fringe and motivated his ball to within inches of the hole - leaving a tap-in for par.  In the meantime, Hohman faced a six-foot putt for birdie and the victory.  It would be a putt that he would miss, and one that would find the playoff continuing to another hole.

The second hole found both Miller and Hohman hitting well-struck drives.  Miller's approach came up shot of the green, but the Greyhound played an excellent chip that nestled two feet away from the hole.  Hohman hit the green with his second shot, however his birdie putt was miss-hit and came up four feet short of the hole.  Having missed a similar putt on the preceeding hole, Hohman had to refocus in order to ensure that the playoff would continue.  He succeeded and rolled-in the par putt and the playoff moved back to the first hole once again.

Both players maintained their strategy for the hole - Miller challenging the dogleg and Hohman playing three wood to the fairway's center.  Hohman's gameplan would produce the lower score, however - and his putt for par notched a long-awaited victory for the four-year Laker starter.  In classic fashion, Patrick Hohman won the 2008 MIAA Individual Stroke Play Championship through a sudden-death playoff against one of the conference's all time great players.

Not to be outdone, Boys' Latin Sophomore Ben Whitman became the youngest Laker Golfer since joining the A Conference to secure a top ten finish.  Whitman's 5 over par 77 was good enough to tie for sixth at day's end.  After missing the cut last season, Whitman remained determined to post a solid showing in 2008 - and in doing so, reaffirmed his place as one of the conference's fastest rising stars.

The Laker Golf Team remains very proud of the effort of both Patrick Hohman and Ben Whitman, and proudly salutes them during this time of celebration.  To that end, Boys' Latin remains grateful for gentlemen competitors like Brad Miller who represent themselves and their school with integrity and purpose.

Congratulations Patrick!  Congratulations Ben!  The Laker Golf Team is proud of your efforts!



Boys' Latin vs Gilman
May 6, 2008

In the final match of the season, the Lakers traveled to Greenspring Valley Hunt Club to challenge the 8-1 Gilman Greyhounds.  Ranked seventh in the conference heading into the day's competition, Boys' Latin needed victory to maintain their hopes for a playoff birth.

Ever the perennial stalwart, Gilman had lifted the A Conference Championship trophy countless times in years past - and stood in a healthy position to do so again in 2008.  In previous competitions, the Lakers had failed to remotely challenge the Greyhounds and had fallen sizably short in their bids to upset the conference behemoth.

This year would prove to be a slightly different story.

Playing with dogged purpose and intention, Boys' Latin fought hard in the match's front side and collected three out of six points from the Greyhounds - thereby splitting the competition's first half.  Commencing play in the match's second side found Boys' Latin therefore all square against their opponents - a position in which the Lakers had never before found themselves against the Greyhounds.

As is nearly always the case, the match's second half would carry the associated points of three matches (back, total, and team) - and therefore outweight the front side in aggregate scoring value.  With this in mind, the Lakers remained focused on doing their best and anchored in discipline against their opponent. 

In the end, Boys' Latin would fall short in their attempt to upset #2 Gilman - but it would not be for lack of intention or deficit of purpose.  The match's completion found the team having gained the respect of another conference peer - as well as the value in knowing that they had produced a fine showing against a worthy opponent.

Laker Senior Patrick Hohman recorded five birdies, en route to shooting two-under-par for the day...and halved his match against Gilman's top seed.  Hohman's effort was one of his finest showings in four years as a Laker - and leveraged excellent course management and decision-making with heightened ball-striking and short game prowess.  Hohman remained focused throughout the day and in splitting the match in his final round as a Laker, secured a valuable one and a half points for the team.

Sophomore Ben Whitman won the match's front side and total en route to collecting two points for the team.  Whitman offset a shaky driver with superb critical-thinking and creative recovery-shots in order to remain in-control throughout the afternoon.  With nearly twenty tournaments lined-up for the summer season, Whitman stands ready to continue in his remarkable improvement in the off-season.  The years to come offer great promise for this Laker team member.

Junior Gates Blair took control early in his match, and maintained his lead throughout the day.  Through effective course management and competitive decision-making, Blair collected points by winning the front, back and total matches.  Having struggled with emotions and confidence early in the season, his performance against Gilman was a welcome showing - and one that earned him applause from his coaches and teammates afterwards.    

Sophomore Matt Sherman fought hard and split his competition's front side.  Sherman's work ethic remains his greatest strength - and the value of such an attribute was manifest in his performance early in the match.  Sherman continues to develop, both as a golfer and a team leader - and reflects great possibility for the time ahead.

Though Brenden Schwartz and Kevin Foreman would fall short in their attempts to collect points in their respective matches, each one capped off remarkable seasons that found them experiencing substantial development.  Having struggled mid-season after being sidelined with illness, Foreman worked his way back to competitive form and improved his scoring average in the process.  In his second season on the squad, Schwartz continued his development - moving for a time into the scoring range of a single-digit handicapper.  This was no small achievement, as Schwartz had previously recorded scores of 120 and higher, not more than fifteen months prior.  Both Foreman and Schwartz should be praised for their development, and affirmed in their value and placement on the team.

At day's end, the Lakers left Greenspring Valley Hunt Club without a victory; but not without the respect of their peers and the solace found in the value of hard-fought competition.  For that, and for so much more, the coaching staff remains very proud of the team.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin: 6.5  /  Gilman:  14.5



Boys' Latin vs Calvert Hall
May 1, 2008

The Lakers traveled to The Country Club of Maryland to face-off against #1 ranked Calvert Hall; and though they would fall short in their bid to upset the conference stawart, Boys' Latin produced a respectable showing and held their own throughout the afternoon's competition.

Senior Patrick Hohman combined an impressive short game with a recently-modified specialty shot arsenal to collect two and a half points against his opponent.  On multiple occasions, Hohman produced recovery shots from positions of substantial challenge that awed the gallery and produced cheers of appreciation from both teams.  One such shot was struck on the twelfth hole.  After his tee shot had come to rest amongst a thick collection of evergreens that guarded the green from the left rough, Hohman opted to play a punch shot through a small opening in hopes of reaching the green.  Such hopes were realized when his ball exited the trees without failure, landed on the green successfully, and came to rest on its back edge -approximately fifteen feet from the hole.  It was a remarkable shot and one that reflects both the mentality and the talent of the Laker Senior.

Having lost the match's front side at the hands of a long-hitting opponent, Junior Kevin Foreman dug deep within himself and battled back during the competition's second half.  Foreman leveraged an improved short game and impressive driving accuracy to win the back and half the total matches.  Foreman's game continues to improve, and the Laker veteran shows great promise for the time ahead.

Sophomore Ben Whitman won the match's second half and collected a point for Boys' Latin.  Whitman struggled with his ball-striking throughout the day but rallied when it mattered in order to stay alive in what was a challenging match for the second year team member.

Sophomore Brenden Schwartz birdied two of the first four holes en route to halving the match's front side; and though he invariably came up short in his quest to secure the back and total points, Schwartz was praised for his intention and best efforts throughout the match.  An example of such attributes came at the par four tenth hole.  Schwart's tee shot was struck beautifully and came to rest approximately seventy yards from the green.  He stood over his second shot aware that his opponent had just hit it close and had a short putt for birdie.  Schwartz attempted a soft pitch shot that was badly miss-hit - and advanced no more than fifteen yards down the fairway.  Without a frown, Schwartz approached his next shot - which he proceeded to blade over the green and in to a lateral hazard.  Without reaction, he liftted his bag onto his shoulders and walked past the green and into the hazard.  Fully committed to the shot, Schwartz swung at the ball from within the hazard - blading it once again over the green and into a deep bunker.  Undaunted, Schwartz once again lifted his bag and proceeded to walk to the bunker.  His opponent, standing next to his short birdie putt, scratched his head while Schwartz entered the sand.  Giving his fifth shot just as much intention and focus as his first, Schwartz swung from the deep bunker.  His shot exited the sand, came to rest within ten feet of the hole...and disappeared into the cup.  No matter the odds, no matter the situation, Brenden Schwartz doesn't quit.

At day's end, Boys' Latin would sacrifice all three team points, and suffer a full sweep in the numbers five and six slots en route to a tough loss against Calvert Hall.  But the day did not end without a number of lessons and points of insight coming the way of the Lakers - and the team remains enthusiastic about the season's final match and the the upcoming individual championships.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin: 5.5  /  Calvert Hall: 15.5   

Boys' Latin vs John Carroll
April 30, 2008

In their final home match of the season, Boys' Latin played host to John Carroll in what would be a close contest across the layout of The Suburban Club.  The Lakers understood that victory was essential in order to remain alive in the conference standings, and brought their fullest collective intention to the match against the Patriots.  Success proved to be the manifestation of such focus, as at day's end Boys' Latin secured a hard-fought victory.

Sophomore Brenden Schwartz rallied throughout the afternoon - first from a lost front side to a two-up position in the match's second half; then from a rules infraction that cost him a late loss-of-hole to a victory on the very next hole to award him with a hard-earned half-point.  Schwartz' stoic demeanor and lack of outward expression worked to his advantage in a match that had all the makings of a nail-biter.  By remaining firm in discipline, the second-year starter permitted himself the continual ability to remain anchored in substance and unaware of surrounding noise.  The result was a half-point that helped secure victory for Boys' Latin.

Not to be outdone in the department of winning mentality, Junior Gates Blair returned to the starting line-up committed to tackling issues of confidence and focus that had plagued him throughout the season.  Such committment was well-anchored, as Blair also rallied from a loss on the match's front side to win the back half and secure an important point for the Lakers.  Blair's ability to rally was not lost in the observations of the coaching staff, who remarked with appreciation that he was "like a different player - poised and focused" - which, in the end, made all the difference for the third-year team member and 2008 Co-Captain.

Sophomore Ben Whitman took an early lead and remained in-control throughout the competition, en route to winning the total point early into the match's second half.  Having struggled with his tee-shots early in the match, Whitman made a tempo modification on the fourth hole – one that would result in success and yield an impressive display of total driving throughout the remainder of the competition.  Whitman’s return to peak-performance is well-timed, as the Lakers head into the final two matches of the season; and neither his teammates nor the second-year team member himself could be more encouraged by the current state of his game.

Junior Kevin Foreman leveraged improved ball-striking and mature course-management to secure a valuable half point in his match’s second half.  Additionally, the team veteran combined with Patrick Hohman to anchor an important victory in the team competition.  Pound-for-pound the strongest member of the team, Foreman’s tee shots continue to increase in length –  as evidenced by a  drive on the eleventh hole that carried an estimated two-hundred-eighty yards.  Foreman’s leadership ability and competitive example continue to prove valuable for the Lakers; and his impact on the squad’s collective success cannot be overstated.

Sophomore Matt Sherman returned from a disheartening loss against St. Paul’s re-energized and re-fueled for competition.  One of the team’s all time most-improved players (having dropped no less than fifty shots from his scoring average in 15 months), Sherman combined improved dynamic balance and visualization skills to elevate his game to heightened standards.  Sherman's victory on the match’s front side secured an all-square status for the Lakers following completion of the competition's first half; and in closing out the total match four-and-three, he collected the final point needed to win the day’s match-up.  Unaware that the match had been secured, Sherman stood on the final tee box  believing victory on the hole was necessary.  With the eyes of a full gallery upon him, Sherman proceeded to split the fairway with his drive, advance his second shot from a poor lie, and then connect on an approach shot that would settle fifteen feet from the hole.  Two putts later, Sherman had secured an impressive par as well as the respect and support of a cheering gallery.

Playing in his first competitive match, Freshman Kendall Newman brought full focus to his match in the number eight slot; and received well-deserved accolades for the intention and purpose he brought throughout the day  Though victory would elude him, "K-New" nonetheless inspired his teammates with his eye-of-the-tiger focus and competitiveness.

Sophomore Nico Kanaras dug deep within himself to rally from a challenging loss on the match's front side.  The first year team member and manager rallied to win the first three holes of the match's second-half en route to a one point victory over his opponent.  Kanaras continues to participate in significant game-improvement and has impressed his teammates and coaches with his competitive style and substance.

Competing in his final home match, Senior Patrick Hohman capped his relationship with The Suburban Course in classic fashion - by crusing through its layout with a take-no-prisioners mentality en route to securing all three points for Boys' Latin.  The first team member to play four years under Coach Champion, Hohman has matured from a mid-90's shooter as a freshman to the scratch-handicap he is as a Senior.  As he heads to Methodist Universtiy in the Fall in his pursuit of PGA Membership, Hohman stands ready to progress in his journey to grow as an individual through the game of golf.  His focus, intensity, and leadership will be missed by his Laker teammates; however the time ahead will no doubt find a new peer group at Methodist enjoying the blessings of friendship with Patrick Hohman.

Boys’ Latin faces top-ranked Calvert Hall next and then experiences a brief rest before facing Gilman in the final match of the season.  In light of their recent performances against St. Paul’s and John Carroll, the team appears poised to take-on their opposition with new-found fervor and momentum.

Final Score:  Boys’ Latin: 12.5  /  John Carroll: 8.5

Boys' Latin vs Saint Paul's
April 29, 2008

Boys' Latin faced top-ranked Saint Paul's in a match contested across the links at The Suburban Club, and went the distance against a squad that they had struggled to combat since joining the A Conference five years ago. 

As if often the case, the final score failed to reflect the true competitiveness of the day's happenings.  Across the final two holes no less than nine points rode on the outcome of shots played on the closing par four and par five.  Following the completion of matches one through four, the two teams found themselves deadlocked in a score of seven to seven - focused on the anchor points of matches five and six.  And though in the end the Lakers' point total would come up short, Boys' Latin would exit the course with an understanding that through hard work and determination they had fought the good fight and had finished the race.

With his trademark grind-it-out and hit-it-hard mentality, Senior Patrick Hohman collected two and a half points for the Lakers; and set the pace early by establishing a respectable lead for Boys' Latin.  Hohman incorporated a knock-down shot into his swing arsenal for the day's match-up - a move that served him well on multiple occasions during the competition.

Junior Kevin Foreman exploded out of the gate and secured a point by winning his match's front side.  Foreman leveraged a hot putter, strong short-game, and impressive total driving while firing-up his teammates throughout the day with his bulldog approach.

Sophomore Ben Whitman halved the front side and then went on to win the back and total match against his opponent.  Having found a water hazard with his tee shot on the final hole, Whitman scrambled to position himself with a twelve foot par putt that he needed to make in order to secure two points.  When the putt disappeared into the cup, cheers were heard from the gallery and Whitman responded with a rallying fist-pump.  

Alas, though matches five and six were close, they would end in defeat for the Lakers.  With the match tied seven to seven, the day's outcome would come down to the efforts of the final two players across the final two holes.  Unfortunately, an miss-cue of strategy, an unjustifiable putt concession, a failure to remove an obstruction and a critical rules infraction would all present themselves within mere moments of one another - and would combine to keep victory out of the grasp of Boys' Latin.

Nonetheless, in going the distance against Saint Paul's, the Lakers once again proved that their diligence continues to pay dividends and their intention remains their largest strength.  As one of the coaches said "Individually they are good, but collectively they are flat-out strong."

In their actions on and off the course the Lakers continue to choose virtue and integrity, comraderie and brotherhood.  They continue to opt for hard work, discipline and determination over contention, indifference and complaint.  They are a team of gentlemen who serve a shared purpose - a tight-knit family with the same collective identity.  They are men of truth and therefore men of strength.  And in the end, all the points in the world aren't worth trading for the authentic bonds between teammates.

The coaching staff remains pleased with the development of the team, and at this juncture is encouraged in examination of the days ahead.  Boys' Latin plays host to John Carroll next in the final home match of the season.  The Lakers appears poised for a good showing and stand ready for the time to come.

Final Score: Boys' Latin: 7  /  Saint Paul's: 14

Boys' Latin vs McDonogh
April 24, 2008

It's been said that a man is not finished when he's defeated, but rather when he quits.

The Lakers aren't finished.

Following the conclusion of a match that found #6 ranked Boys' Latin upset by #8 ranked McDonogh, the Lakers gathered for a review of the day's unfortunate loss.  It was a session that found the squad learning from missed opportunities.  It was a time to refocus, rededicate, and regroup.  It was a time to learn from the practicality of defeat and collectively advance in cohesion and team unity.  But it was not a time to quit.

McDonogh combined course management and teamwork with short game prowess to secure victory against the Lakers.  Their team behaved as gentlemen and should be commended not only for their fine play but for their sportsmanship.

Coming off three straight victories, Boys' Latin had momentum and home course advantage heading into the competition.  However, though at day's end the Lakers did not post their worst showing of the season, neither did the team bring their collective A-game to the match-up.

Sophomore Brenden Schwartz drained a 30 foot birdie putt on the 5th hole to close-in on his opponent; and hit it close on the par 3 6th hole in an attempt to split the match's front side.  Though such an effort would invariably fall short, Schwartz was commended for his fine play and firm intention coming down the stretch.

Sophomore Ben Whitman staged the season's finest come-from-behind charge in playing the match's final three holes in two under par en route to winning one and a half points for the Lakers. Whitman's birdie at the eleventh followed a situation where unmarked ground under repair was treated as an immovale obtruction in light of an odd rules scenario.  Undaunted, Whitman played on - hitting his approach shot to 25 feet and draining the putt to win the hole.

Senior Patrick Hohman collected two points for the Lakers through fine play and solid ball-striking.  Competiting with his trademark intensity, Hohman shot 38 on the front nine and continued his superior shot-making on the back side.  Hohman appears close to recording a very low number; and the coaching staff remains convinced of his ability to do so in the days ahead.

Sophomore Matt Sherman was commended for his attitude and focus by McDonogh's head coach, Wright Abbott. "I wish all of my boys were as focused and as thoughtful as that young man," he said "He's got the perfect combination of grit and manners."  The Laker Coaching Staff agrees, and remains proud of Sherman for the competitive gentleman that he is.

Boys' Latin has two practice sessions before a three-match stretch that will find them facing St. Paul's, John Carroll and Calvert Hall.  With the McDonogh match now behind them and the lessons of a day of challenge learned, the Lakers are slated to progress with new-found intention and focus.

The Lakers have not quit.  And they are most certainly not finished.

Final Score: Boys' Latin 3.5  /  McDonogh: 17.5

Boys' Latin vs Archbishop Curley
April 17, 2008

Boys' Latin played host to Archbishop Curley for the seventh match of the season; and engaged the conference rival in true competitive spirit over the links of the Suburban Club.  Previous contests between the two teams had always produced close matches, and the Lakers understood the need to remain focused and intentional for their face-off against the Friars.

Junior Kevin Foreman rested in light of injury recoup, while Sophomore Brenden Schwartz progressed toward near full recovery from illness that had plagued him earlier in the week.  Foreman is expected to be back to typical form by next week, and the coaches intend to work closely with him over the next three practices in order to aid in his rehabilitation.

Speaking of rehabilitation, Junior Gates Blair leveraged a recently-mended putting stroke to secure three points for the Lakers by winning the front back and total matches against his opposition.  The quality Blair's ball-striking continues to steadily increase, while his putter has shown rapid and remarkable improvement. 

Fousing on a swing key that produced some of his finest shot-making of the season, Senior Mitchell Edison also anchored three points for the Team.  Like Blair, Edison's putting reflects sizable improvement - as the four-year team member holed numerous putts from within ten feet throughout the afternoon's contest.

Senior Patrick Hohman scrambled through the match's front side, dropping a point to his opponent in what was a very tight first half.  Nevertheless, Hohman's ability to regroup and refocus remains his greatest strength - and the team veteran dug deep over the remainder of his match to go under par and win the second half and total match.  Hohman's firey competitiveness is the cornerstone of his match play success, and the Team continues to be impressed and inspired by his example.

Sophomore Brenden Schwartz continued his successive points streak by notching victory in the matches front, back and total.  Schwartz is now fifteen of fifteen in points collected over the past five matches.  The second year team member plays with focus and dogged discipline, and remains so anchored in his intention that outside noise seems incapable of penetration.  Teammates and the Coaching Staff continue to be impressed by the growth and development of "Killer B"

Sophomore Matt Sherman remained in the line-up and partnered with Schwartz to collect the team point in their match.  Along the way, Sherman collected a valuable point by winning the match's front side on the heels of a rules infraction called against his opponent - a violation that moved Sherman to two up at the turn.  The response from his opponent was quite spirited, and such emotion remained manifest for the duration of the match.  Unthwarted, Sherman birdied the seventh hole en route to a hard-fought second half by the Laker Sophomore.  The final hole found the match all square - and with both competitors grinding out their shots with clentched fists and furled brows, Sherman called a rules infraction against himself while within a fairway bunker.  Fortunately for Sherman, he was incorrect in his understanding of the rule, and was permitted to continue without penalty.  And although the completion of the hole would find him a shot higher than his opponent, Sherman emerged the true victor in the match - an intentional, authentic, gentleman who represented himself as a sportsman and true student of the game.  Quite frankly, there's nothing more that could be asked of him.

Sophomore Ben Whitman secured three valuable points for the Lakers by winning the match's front, back and total.  The second year team member recommitted following a few holes of substandard play, and through firm dedication rallied to improve his ball-striking well into the match's second half.  The Team Co-Captain is currently incorporating a new methodology into his full swing, and the results (currently reflective in roughly one in three shots) are remarkable.  Whitman's dynamic balance and coordination remain two of his finest strengths, and combine with an intensity to form one of the finest total games in the conference.

Of additional note is the fine play by Freshmen Sam Huber and Stephen Sample - both participating in their very first competitive matches.  Playing in the seven and eight slot, Huber and Sample each won their matches through excellent play and decisive course management.  The one-two punch of Huber / Sample is something the Coaching Staff anticipates to be a reality within the Laker Golf Program for years to come. 

Having won three straight matches, the Lakers find themselves moving north in the conference standings.  With a bye on Tuesday, the Team finds themselves with ample preparation time for their next match - against McDonogh on April 24th.  In the meantime, Boys' Latin has come to understand that though victory on the course is nice, true victory is found in doing one's best.  The Coaches remain very proud of their team members, and encouraged by their ongoing display of hard work and sportsmanship.


Final Score:  Boys' Latin: 18  /  Archbishop Curley: 3 

Boys' Latin vs Saint Mary's

April 15, 2008

The Lakers traveled to Old South Country Club in Lothian, Maryland to face Saint Mary's in the sixth match of the season.  A challenging layout that rewards shot-making and punishes miss-hits, Old South stands as one of the most difficult courses within the conference.


Previous matches against Saint Mary's had always been close contests - rarely failing to go the full distance of the competition.  And when the matches are held at Old South, Saint Mary's holds a clear home-course advantage.

Committed to continuing in their efforts to do their best and commit fully to every shot, Boys' Latin entered the day focused on remaining intentional with each swing.  Junior Kevin Foreman returned to the line-up after having been sidelined with injury; and Sophomore Brenden Schwartz played after resting for four days due to illness.  With both Foreman and Schwartz "playing hurt" the team was lifted and inspired by their example and committment to excellence.

Senior Patrick Hohman hit every green in regulation en route to shooting one under par and collected three points from his opponent.  Hohman is currently displaying excellent shot-making prowess and greenside creativity, as well as increasingly impressive total driving ability.  His game continues to improve and the coaching staff remains very proud of his development.

Junior Gates Blair collected three points from his opponent via strategic course managament decisions and proper offensive/defensive disciplines.  Blair, a three-year team veteran, leveraged a much-improved short game and heightened on-course maturity to secure his points for the team.  Blair continues to improve in his game development and his scores have begun to reflect this advancement.

In combining dogged focus with excellent ball-striking, Sophomore Brenden Schwartz notched three points against his opponent.  Schwartz is now twelve for twelve in the last four matches - having collected all possible points in each of the last four contests.  His scoring average has dropped more than fifty shots in fourteen months, and Schwartz has literally gone from shooting 130 to breaking 80 in little more than a year's time.  Great promise continues to lie ahead for "Killer B."

Junior Kevin Foreman fought hard to collect half a point against his opponent, and did so by winning the final hole of his match.  Foreman's efforts to play through the pain of injury were inspiring and admired by his teammates.  All members of the team remain very proud of Kevin for the standards that he maintains and his ability to lead by example.  He is intentional and focused, and remains a valuable component to the Laker Golf Team.

Sophomore Matt Sherman grinded out three points in his match by combining a never-say-die attitude with remarkable shot-making.  Sherman recorded two birdies in eleven holes, and in doing so won the match's front, back and total.  The second year team member remains a good example to teammates, and is a testament to the notion that hard work trumps raw talent.

Though poor shots did not elude him, Sophomore Ben Whitman was able to refocus numerous times throughout his match in order to collect and regroup throughout the competiton.  In doing so, he remained intentional over each shot and invariably gathered three points from his opponent.  Whitman continues to impress his teammates and coaching staff with his on-course maturity and resilience.  His mannerisms and mentality align with an individual years his senior; and as his ball-striking improves, he will no doubt continue to improve tremendously.

Not to be outdone, Sophomores Sammy Dunbar and Andrew Holmes each shot thirty-nine acrosss Old South's front nine.  Playing in the #7 & #8 slots, Dunbar and Holmes continued their recent fine play and impressed the team with their scoring ability.  Expect big things from these rising stars.

In the end, Boys' Latin continued their excellent play and secured victory against Saint Mary's.  The Lakers remain anchored in intention and firm in their focus.  Their shot-making, short games, and course management reflect ongoing improvement and their enthusiasm remains heightened as they head toward their next oponent, Archbishop Curley, on April 17th.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin: 18.5  /  Saint Mary's:  2.5

Boys' Latin vs Annapolis Area Christian School
April 10, 2008

There's nearly always a tipping point - an instant when the momentum behind sizable change becomes incapable of reversal.  For Boys' Latin, the tipping point came in the fifth match of the 2008 season.  Facing off against Annapolis Area Christian School, the Lakers recorded their finest showing of the season - and in the end defeated their opposition by a sizable margin.

By once again combining strategic course management with ever-improving short games and ball-striking, the Lakers continued their fine play across the links at Eisenhower Golf Course.  With only one team member (Matt Sherman) having previously played the course, Boys' Latin had a distinct disadvantage against AACS by way of an unfamiliar course layout.  Nonetheless, team members relied on their intention, focus, strategy, and (most importantly) each other in order to discern target-lines, angles of approach, and landing areas.  In doing so, the Lakers were able to overcome a deficit in course knowledge and anchor the match's momentum behind fine play and solid teamwork.

Patrick Hohman shot one under par through ten holes before closing out his opponent en route to collecting three points for the team.  Patrick's fine play ranked as one of his finest performances in his four years on the Team.  His ball-striking continues to improve and his greenside prowess is ever-increasing.  The Lakers remain proud of the team veteran, and are encouraged by his example.

Sophomore Matt Sherman, who little more than a year ago struggled to break 120, shot 43 across the front nine at Eisenhower.  Playing with his trademark intensity, Sherman was a consummate teammate, both in style and substance.  His work ethic strong and his intention firm, Sherman collected all three points from his opponent by balancing impressive shot-making with an improved short-game.  Through his fine play this week, Matt Sherman has proven, both to his teammates and to himself, that his place in the line-up is of substantial value.  

Sophomore Brenden Schwartz continued his unprecedented play by shooting 39 on the front nine at Eisenhower.  Schwartz, who like Sherman was a 120 shooter 14 month ago, has broken through and succeeded in his goal of becoming a single-digit handicap.  In doing so, Schwartz has secured nine of the last nine possible points in matches - and collected three points against AACS just as he had against Mt. St. Joseph and against Archbishop Spalding.  Schwartz's on-course development has been remarkable and his scoring average is beginning to reflect the realities of his game's maturation.

Junior Gates Blair tossed aside the moniker "best player not to have won three points" by handily defeating his opponent three ways via improved ball-striking, narrowed miss-hit dispersion, and excellent total driving.  The Team Co-Captain, Blair stands ready for the matches ahead.  His confidence boosted and his shot-making improved, the odds are high that more three-point days are in this team leader's future.

Having played well during the match's front half, Sophomore Ben Whitman struggled on the second side.  However, the other half of the Laker Team Captaincy stayed firm in his focus - and battled back from a three-down dormie position to take the match to the final green.  At day's end, Whitman would collect one point for the squad, but not without gaining substantial respect for the turn-around fueled from a never-say-die attitude.

Senior Mitchell Edison continued with his impressive driving accuracy, and hit fairways with remarkable ease throughout the day.  En route to collecting two points for the match's front side and total, Edison rested at day's end having played brilliantly throughout the week.  Beloved by his teammates and coaches, Edison has always had one of the team's most cherished personalities.  In 2008, he's got a golf game to match.

Although Kevin Foreman was once again sidelined with illness, he traveled with the squad and cheered throughout the day for his teammates.  The Lakers continue to keep Kevin in their thoughts with hopes of a speedy recovery.

The Lakers are hitting the ball well.  Their course management and shot-making continue to improve.  Their intention is firm; and most importantly, their best-efforts are never failing to materialize.  They are dedicating themselves fully over every shot and are holding each other accountable to do their best. 

The coaches remain very confident in the team and are pleased that they have been able to taste victory.  The time ahead continues to offer great promise for this Laker squad.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin: 18  /  Annapolis Area Christian School: 3

Boys' Latin vs Archbishop Spalding
April 8, 2008

21 to 0.  18.5 to 2.5.  Those were the scores of the 2006 and 2007 matches between Boys' Latin and Archbishop Spalding - each one a sizable defeat for the Lakers.  With 2008 finding Spalding atop the conference standings (including a sizable upset over conference stalwart, Gilman), the Lakers entered the day with an understanding of the formidable task before them.  However, although they recognized the talent level of their opponents, Boys' Latin refused to be intimidated.  Instead, the Lakers remaind focused on the task at hand - to remain intentional over every shot and to give their best throughout the day.  As Ben Hogan once said, "With keenness and determination, there's nothing you can't accomplish."

Ben Hogan would have been proud.

For the second connsecutive match, the Lakers went the distance against their opponent; and as was the case in the previous day's contest against Mt. St. Joseph, the match was decided on the final putt of the final green on the final hole of the match.  This time, Archbishop Spalding sank a seven footer to close the door on the Lakers - but not before gaining some respect for a squad that in years past had failed to produce a showing that challenged the perennial conference contender. 

Sophomores Ben Whitman and Brenden Schwartz continued their excellent play - collecting 2 points and 3 points respectively.  Having lost the match's front side, Whitman turned things around in the second half en route to securing his points for the day.  Schwartz remained in a groove established during the match against Mt. St. Joseph, and notched his second connsecutive full sweep against the opposition.  Not to be outdone, Senior Mitchell Edison recorded a near personal best for nine holes and shot a 41 over the front side at The Suburban Club - a score that included six 1-putt greens, a truly impressive statistic.  Senior, Patrick Hohman rallied to win the 6th hole in route to halving he match's front side; and played with strength for the rest of the afternoon to secure the remaining 2 points, as well as the team point with his partner.  Matt Sherman and Gates Blair, though closed out for the day, played with focus and determination - and in doing so, reanchored the admiration of their peers and coaches.  Once again, Kevin Foreman was unable to compete due to illness - but remained in the gallery throughout the day and encouraged his teammates during the competition.

The Lakers are playing excellent golf.  They are striking the ball brilliantly and have sharpened their short games.  They are performing well under pressure and are managing their games with discernment and intention.  Though notches in the win column have eluded them thusfar, team members remain committed to doing their best - which in the end, is truly the greatest victory.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin: 9  /  Archbishop Spalding: 12

Boys' Latin vs Mount Saint Joseph
April 7, 2008

In what was one of the closest matches in Laker Golf history, Mount Saint Joseph edged out Boys' Latin by making the final putt of the final hole in the final pairing.  Until that putt was holed, the two teams stood all square by way of a head to head match-up that had found the Lakers playing their best golf of the season.

Focus was maintained throughout the afternoon and shots were played with intention, as the Lakers dug deep within themselves in their face-off against the conference contender.  In years past, Boys' Latin had fallen significantly short in their attempts to outplay Mt. St. Joseph - but this year proved otherwise, as Boys' Latin came to fight.

Aided by re-engineered short games and newly-anchored determination, the Lakers successfully got up-and-down throughout the match and handily made countless key putts throughout the day.  The shots that had previously eluded them around the greens were being played with ease and a aura of confidence this time around.

Sophomores Ben Whitman and Brenden Schwartz swept their opponents, en route to securing three points each.  Schwartz, a 115-125 shooter just 14 months ago, fired a front-nine 38, and during one remarkable stretch in the match's second half, birdied three of the five closing holes.  Whitman stepped on the gas as well, and offset a shaky driver with deft touch and greenside magic in closing out his opponent three ways.

Playing in his first match of the season, Matt Sherman competed with grit and dogged discipline.  Although shut out by day's end, Sherman would impress his fellow teammates and coaches with a deeply-rooted desire to compete and an unprecedented drive to accel.

Mitchell Edison and Gates Blair collected a point each - Edison on the match's front side, and Blair in the match's second half.  Junior Kevin Foreman was sidelined from competition and unable to play.  However, Foreman walked alongside his teammates throughout the day, offering words of affirmation and encouragement.

At day's end, although Mount Saint Joseph notched the victory, the Lakers were commended and encouraged by their coaches for having fought the good fight and having finished the race.  They did not give up.  They did not waiver from their disciplines.  They did not fall short in their efforts.  Boys' Latin gave 100% and played very well.  In doing so, they not only raised their own understanding of what can be accomplished through hard work, but they also nearly overthrew a conference rival that they had never previously beaten.

In spite of a teammate's absence, the Lakers rose to the occasion.  For that they are to be commended.  They are playing their best golf of the season as they head toward the next two matches of the week - Archbishop Spalding and Annapolis Area Christian School.  Regardless of the outcome, one thing's for sure...Boys' Latin will give 'em a fight.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin: 10  /  Mount Saint Joseph: 11

Boys' Latin vs Saints Peter & Paul
April 3, 2008

During a match that found them battling the elements just as much as their opponents, Boys' Latin hosted Saints Peter & Paul in the season's home opener.  As the temperature dipped to thirty-seven degrees, the precipitation that had plagued the competition for most of the day transitioned to freezing-rain.  A slight wind did nothing to help matters for the competitors, and players struggled throughout the afternoon to maintain focus and intention over what was easily the most challenging day of weather this season.

Nonetheless, the match played on.

Their ball-striking was relatively strong throughout the day; however the short-games of four of the team's six players consistently failed to produce.  Three-putting, bladed chips and the inability to get the ball on the green from a position already close to the fringe out-weighed the positive facets of an otherwise solid day of shot-making.  Players were very good at the challenging parts of the game (driving, approaches, trouble-shots) but more than struggled with the easier components (lag putting, chipping, pitching).  Additionally, players consistently reflected a loss of intention over their shots - refusing to re-start pre-shot routine when distracted, ignoring the need to line-up putts and dismissing the notion that aligning their pitch shots with an intermediate target was necessary.  This lack of intention only aided in dismantling their ablity to gain an edge on their opponents.

Boys' Latin battled Saints Peter and Paul througough the day.  In fact, the match went late into the round before being decided.  At points throughout the day, five of the six Laker golfers were either even or up in their match.  Alas, due to the aforementioned realities, such advantages were only temporary.

Patrick Hohman and Ben Whitman played remarkably well throughout the day - securing the only points for the team in the day's competition.  Hohman won all three points from his opponent, and Whitman split the match three ways en route to notching one and a half points for the day.  Additionally, the duo secured the team point in the better ball competition.  Neither player was distracted enough in his match to lose sight of his goal and fail in his intention.  Neither Whitman nor Hohman openly complained of the weather nor were thwarted by the discomfort it produced.  And each player completed a remarkably impressive round of competitive golf.  The coaches' hats were off to both Whitman and Hohman following the completion of the round for the fine manner in which they played and conducted themselves.

Of further note is the support maintained by the non-playing members of the Laker squad. Galleries of three to four team members followed each group throughout the day - and fought the elements in order to cheer on Boys' Latin squad.  "It's how we roll," said the coaches after the round "Together.  As a team.  In good weather and in bad, we stand united."  This mentality was reflected on the course as well through the actions of Laker starter Brenden Schwartz.  Having been closed out of his match on the tenth green, Schwartz stood on the eleventh tee box with his match having been completed.  His teammate, Kevin Foreman, was however still engaged in his own match and preparing to tee off.  Schwartz's opponent decided to exit the match and seek the warmth of the team van.  But not Schwartz.  It wasn't even an option.  The Laker sophomore put his hands in his pockets and continued down the fairway, walking alongside his teammate, encouraging him to play well.  For Schwartz, as for every Laker Golfer, leaving a teammate in the middle of competition was not an option.

At day's end, a new tradition was instituted.  Laker Team tailgates, which have traditionally followed home matches, were extended to the visiting team.  In a gesture of sportsmanship, the Lakers actively decided to bring extra food to the matches this season in order to send some with the opponents as they travel home.  Saints Peter and Paul left The Suburban Club therefore with three pizzas, some chips and cookies courtesey of the Boys' Latin Golf Team.  "It serves the spirit of the game," the coaches said, again reiterating "That's how we roll."

Short game practice sessions await the Lakers - as do many more matches.  The unfortunate realities of the Saints Peter & Paul match are overweighed by the understanding inherent to the Team's potential.  With shot-making, ball-striking, and total driving secured, the Lakers need only anchor the finer details of putting, chipping, and focus in order to accelerate in their competitive accomplishment.  "They're close," the coaches remarked "They're very close."

Final Score:   Boys' Latin: 4.5  /  Saints Peter & Paul:  16.5


Boys' Latin vs Loyola
April 1, 2008

The Lakers came out swinging in their first match of the season - and faced off against Loyola in a hard-fought battle over the links of Hunt Valley Country Club.  In what could be considered their finest opening day showing in years, Boys' Latin fought hard and produced a fine showing against their competition.

Standing toe to toe with his opponent throughout the day and completing the round's second half in two under par, Patrick Hohman proceeded to collect all three points in his match.  Not to be outdone, Ben Whitman completed a remarkable turn-around and secured a much-needed point by winning the second half of his match.   Kevin Foreman grinded out the match's first half to secure a valuable half point for the Lakers.  Competing in only the second match in four years of team membership, Mitchell Edison played with intensity and notched a half point for Boys' Latin late in the match.  Of further note is the performance of Matt Sherman, who played as the Team's 7th man in the consolation match.  Sherman took two-and-a-half points from his opponent, notching victory through a solid performance at Hunt Valley Country Club. 

The Lakers went the distance against Loyola; and though the final score rarely reflects such a reality, the match was a close one for most of the day.  In the end, Loyola secured victory - but not without gaining some respect for the Boys' Latin Golf Team and their committment to compeition.

Additionally, it should be noted that the Lakers demonstrated heightened levels of respect and character during their match - and acted as gentlemen while facing off against a team that matched emotion with talent.  The Coaching Staff remains very proud of the Lakers for the way their carried themselves - as competitors and as gentlemen.

Thursday wil find Boys' Latin hosting Saints Peter & Paul at The Suburban Club for the 2008 home opener.  With an understanding in place of what it will take to reach the next level, the Lakers stand ready to face the challenge of their next match.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin: 6  /  Loyola 15     

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