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2013 Match Summaries

Boys' Latin vs McDonogh
May 9, 2013

Danny Murphy hit his final opening drive at Suburban Country Club...twice.

The day prior, the Boys' Latin senior hammered a strong opening drive that split the fairway.  Moments later, and before he even left the tee box, a lighting strike was detected nearby and the match subsequently postponed 24 hours.  Murphy would be forced to face the moment again - with little to no solace found for the perfection anchored in the first go-round.

The journey of the Laker Co-Captain has been one of ardent discipline, stern focus, and substantial development.  Murphy joined the Laker Golf Team as an 8th Grader and was enrolled in the Team's Shadow Program.  With a scoring average well north of triple digits, the scrappy linkster understood that he had much work to do; but never waivered in sticking to the disciplines of improvement.  In the years that ensued, Murphy would develop his game tremendously, and establish himself as a leader witin the ranks of his peers.  As a Freshman, he battled upperclassmen for a starting slot, eventually forging his way into the line-up with permenance. As a Sophomore and Junior, he worked his way up the roster and into the top seeded slots that would remain his through the duration of his Senior Year.  Along the way, he won multiple junior tournaments - including breaking par to win the Jimmy Flattery Championship, a significant Baltimore Junior Tour event - and competed across numerous regional and national tours.  What's more, Murphy has his eyes set on continuing his development in the game - and heads to Penn State shortly as a Freshman in the University's Professional Golf Management Program, where he will study to become a PGA Professional.  Indeed, Danny Murphy's journey in golf has been a fruitful one; and the Program remains very proud of this young man for the integrity, the discipline and the intention that has enveloped his journey on and off the golf course.

All that being said, he still needed to hit his final opening drive again.

As he stood near the first tee he remarked to his coach "I don't know if I should hit driver again."  When his coach asked why he would say such a thing he followed up by stating "Well it's just that I hit it so well yesterday, and this is my final opening drive, I don't want to miss it."  "Murph," his coach said "You didn't get this far by talking yourself out of shots.  You hammered it yesterday and you're gonna hammer it again today.  Commit to the shot and hit the driver."  "Ok,"  he said.

And hit it, he did.  Down the right side of the fairway and against a resounding backdrop of applause from his peers.  Lifting his gaze from the fairway, the Laker Captain wore a wide smile.  A few hours later, he would hit his final shot as a Laker - a greenside bunker shot that struck the flagstick at the par five final hole.  Once again, the crowd roared.  And once again, Danny Murphy smiled.

The final match of the regular season found Boys' Latin in a make-or-break position for the post-season.  Having watched surrounding matches unfold within the conference, the Lakers appeared to stand neck-and-neck with Loyola for the final playoff seed - a team they had tied weeks earlier.  Should Boys' Latin overtake McDonogh on the day, the Lakers would earn a place in the post season.  If not, Loyola would receive the nod for having defeated higher-seeded Gilman head-to-head.  Regardless, the Lakers understood that what was required of them was best effort, integrity, and strength of character.  They were to play to win, with unwavering dedication to the substance of their bond as teammates and friends.  

As mentioned numerous times previously, matches are a race to 11 points.  One by one, the Lakers battled tough - including Randy Wells, who was back in the line-up in replacement of the injured Seth Miller in the number five slot.  At the turn, the Lakers trailed by a mere point and appeared on the cusp of turning the momentum to their favor.  Bennett Wisner, Murphy, Drew Miller, Dylan Watts, Wells, and Shane Kilberg all dug deep shot-after-shot to forge a strong effort against their opposition.  And at day's end, with only two contests remaining open, the over-all match was very much alive.  And while victory would invariably fall the way of McDonogh, the Lakers were to have been proud of their effort on the day.

It brought to conclusion a season that found these boys drawing closer as friends and teammates.  From a Fall Retreat in the moutains of West Virginia, to a Spring Break Trip across the barren wasteland of LaJitas, Texas; from a ten week pre-season series that developed their swings and their strategies, to an in-season experience that found them competing week in and week out, this team has walked together through a journey of camraderie that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 8 /  McDonogh 13

Boys' Latin vs John Carroll
May 6, 2013

Boys' Latin hosted John Carroll in the second-to-last match of the regular season.  Needing a victory in order to swing the season's momentum back to their favor, the Lakers committed to giving their best against the Patriots.  Of additional importance was the apparent need to amass as many points as possible in the face-off, given the tie-breaking methodology of A Conference teams with the same record at year's end.  Thus, not only did Boys' Latin need a win, they needed a big win.

The Lakers seized the opportunity by taking control of the match early and never yielding thier position of strength.  Bennett Wisner and Danny Murphy battled atop the line-up, followed by Drew Miller and Dylan Watts in the heart of the order, and Seth Miller and Shane Kilberg anchoring the effort.  For his part, the Seth Miller played hurt - with a swollen wrist that would sideline him post-match for the following contest.  Undaunted, the Laker Sophomore battled tough throughout the day and partnered with Kilberg to sweep all of their respective contests.

In fact, Miller and Kilberg were not the only Lakers to take all available points on the day.  True to form, all Boys' Latin team members collected all available points in a memorable effort that found the Lakers returning to the win column with substantial authority.  At day's end, they had dug deep to bring their best effort - and in doing so notched the big win their were targeting.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 21 / John Carroll 0

Boys' Latin vs Calvert Hall
May 1, 2013

Their stretch of away contests behind them, the Lakers welcomed the Cardinals of Calvert Hall to the Suburban Club for the first of three consecutive home matches.  Boys' Latin was pleased to be back on familiar ground; and faced the prospects of challenging Calvert Hall across a Suburban linksland that was boasting its finest conditions yet on the season.

The Lakers took to the challenge early - and grabbed 2.5 points to the Cardinal's 3.5 at the turn, anchored via performances by Bennett Wisner, Dylan Watts and Shane Kilberg.  And thus, in heading to the second side trailing by a mere point, the Lakers stood quite close to overtaking their higher-seeded challenger.

All team members battled tough throughout the day.  Inspirational play was seen from all Laker starters.  Danny Murphy stood toe to toe with his opponent through the day's contest - taking the match the distance against a Cardinal two-man who finished the day two under par.  Murphy's efforts alongside partner Wisner, would produce a win for their associated team point.  Randy Wells and Seth Miller dug deep in grappling through their matches - with Miller's rally to split the back serving as a prime example of a never-say-die attitude that fully reflected the Lakers' approach on the day.  Watts and Kilberg produced a much needed 1.5 points collectively on the front side.  And Wisner would play supurbly for the afternoon and produce a full sweep of all available points from his opponent, the Cardinal top seed.
All in all, the Lakers produced a fine showing against Calvert Hall, though came up short in reaching eleven points first.  That said, they appear primed for their next contest against John Carroll; and have ample practice time for further preparation.  This Boys' Latin squad refuses to give up and continues to produce their best efforts with their sights set on the matches yet to come.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 6 / Calvert Hall 15  

Boys' Latin vs Mt. St. Joseph
April 30, 2013

True worth is in being, not seeming -
In doing, each day that goes by,
Some little good - not in dreaming
Of great things to do by and by
For whatever men say in their blindness,
And spite of the fancies of youth
There's nothing so kingly as kindness,
And nothing so royal as truth

We cannot make bargains for blisses,
Nor catch them like fishes in nets;
And sometimes the thing our life misses
Helps more than the things which it gets.
For good lieth not in pursuing,
Nor gaining of great nor of small,
But just in the doing, and doing
As we would be done by, is all.

Through envy, through malace, through hating
Against the world, early and late.
No jot of our courage abating
Our part is to work and to wait
And slight is is the sting of his trouble
Whose winnings are less than his worth.
For he who is honest is noble
Whatever his fortunes or birth.

-Taken from Nobility by Alice Cary

Boys' Latin took to the road once again to challenge Mt. St. Joseph at Rolling Road Country Club.  It was a hard-fought day of competition that found the Lakers executing a gameplan of agressive shot-making and bold strategy.  Boys' Latin did well to facilitate this execution - and formulated its best effort to put pressure on the shoulders of the St. Joe squad.

All Laker team members anchored admirable performances - highlighted by split front sides by both Bennett Wisner and Dylan Watts. Wisner, for his part, notched three birdies and an eagle en route to a stellar performance on the day.

And though they were bested by a St. Joe team that simply made more birdies in aggregate through a rainy afternoon, the Lakers left the linksland understanding the value in having given the opportunity their best effort.  They had been in the arena. They had given it their all.  They had executed their gameplan.  They competed as gentlemen.  They walked with purpose.  They operated with integrity.  They had been disciplined and intentional.  They had, most assuredly, done their best.  And that's what it's all about.

Sometimes, it's tough to forge through core disciplines when life throws formidable challenges our way.  But it's in those times that core disciplines are most valuable.  The Lakers know what it's like to step into the arena.  They know what it's like to stand toe to toe with challenge.  They know what it's like to fall and to rise, and to do so again, and again - stronger each time for the fortitude and nobility anchored through the grind of the struggle.  This serves thier spirit and their hearts - and parallels life in teaching them, quite practically that the work and the effort and the sweat and the toil within the journey toward accomplishment are indeed the truest gems of achievement.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 1 / Mt. St. Joseph 20

Boys' Latin vs Gilman
April 24, 2013

Boys' Latin traveled to The Elkridge Club to take-on the Greyhounds of Gilman for their second consecutive away contest.  Uniquely styled and tightly lined, the Elkridge Club boasts a dinstinctive challenge to players that is at once formadible and idiosyncratic.  The Greyhounds successfully leverage this reality through a home course advantage that stands firm in the face of visiting opposition.

The Lakers arrived full of vigor and grit - enthusiastic to face the challenge ahead of them.  Collectively, they struck a gameplan that would serve as the day's blueprint; and would be one that they executed without considerable issue.  They agreed to keep the ball ahead of them, sacrifice distance for accuracy off the tee, and hit greens first in order to put pressure on the opposition.

Truth be told, the Lakers played to this strategy quite efficiently.  Three woods and hybrids were used from the tee more times than not, and greens were hit ahead of opponents who actively reached for driver.  To Gilman's credit, their "Bomb and Gouge" gameplan of weilding driver in the face of tightly-lined fairways and attacking fast greens with aggressive approach...worked.  This approach has, at best, a 50/50 likelyhood of execution on any given day.  Either 6 players have their aggressive A-Games collectively or they don't.  Drivers either fly 300 yards down the fairway at Elkridge or they fly 300 yards into the woods.  There's not much in between.  Attack-oriented wedges either land and come to rest next to the cup - or they sail the green and down into a chasm.  Again, not much in-between.  On this day, once more to their credit, the Greyhounds pulled-off a successful Bomb and Gouge effort.  It was risky, but at day's end it worked.

The Lakers grinded out a day of hard-fought competition that found them reaching to take the momentum throughout the afternoon's contest.  And while they came up short of victory in the match, their tough-as-nails approach to battle and their unwavering focus in the face of challenge finds the light of their collective spirit shining bright in their face of the season's remaining matches.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 3.5 / Gilman 17.5

Boys' Latin vs Loyola

April 17, 2013

The Lakers took to the road in order to face off against the Dons of Loyola in their second away match of the season.  Contested across the hilly terrain of the Hunt Valley Country Club, the competition proved to be a nail-biter of a challenge.  Both squads battled tough throughout the day, and weathered the ups and downs of a momentum that shifted as many times as the breeze across the valleys of the countryside linksland.

Danny Murphy and Bennett Wisner negotiated their way through an afternoon of formidable oppositional push-back.  A case in point was Murphy's final hole victory on the match's front side which required of the Laker Senior no worse than a two-under par score.  Wisner worked alongisde Murphy all day in production of a one-two-punch Laker attack that was most assuredly admirable.

Also grappling in an effort to amass points were Juniors Dylan Watts and Randy Wells.  Each seized the opportunity to anchor a rally for the Laker squad - and Watts, for his success in doing so, collected an impressive 3 points in aggregate.  Watts played within himself, faced each shot with balance and poise, and never faltered in staying within the moment itself throughout his afternoon's contest.  It's no surprise therefore, that the quietly confident Laker veteran achieved his objectives on the day.

Speaking of achievement, Sophomores Seth Miller and Shane Kilberg notched all available points through an inspirational display of teamwork and never-say-die focus.  Miller, fresh off his strong showing in the first round of the MIAA Stroke Play Championship where he shot 79, rode his momentum to a full sweep of all available points.  Miller has shown considerable on-course growth this season, and continues to move his way up the spectrum of the conference's finest young talents.  He's progressing for the right reasons.  Integrity.  Intention.  Discipline.  These have been his keys to achievement on the season, and the reasons one would be wise to never bet against this young Laker linkster.

And now, let's take a moment to talk about Shane Kilberg.  

The Laker 6 Man came to the final holes with the weight of the match fully on his shoulders.  Capable shoulders, one might add.  The BL Sophomore is as steady of a competitior as they come.  Nerves of steel.  Ice water in his veins.  A forward stare and a pace in his step that never waivers nor fails to carry a hint of purpose.  Truly, Shane Kilberg has very rapidly established himself as the top anchorman in the A Conference.  And the task ahead of him was an appropriately designed test of strength.

With all but 2 matches having been closed out and completed, Boys' Latin stood trailing Loyola with only Watts and Kilberg remaining on the course.  Watts needed to halve the final hole, a par three, to keep the match alive and preserve BL's chances.  And for his part, he rose to the occasion - lacing a mid-iron to the green's front center and two-putting for the associated par.  Dylan Watts had come through.  He had won his points for the Team and kept the Laker's chances active - sweeping back the momentum and passing it along to his teammate, Kilberg.

"For my Team," Kilberg thought to himself, "I fight for my Team."  And do so he did.  His mission was to work the point count back to BL's favor, and to do no worse than a halve of the aggreate match.  For a Laker squad that was down throughout the day, a come-from-behind split or win would be nothing short of remarkable.  Refusing to cave to the pressure upon him, the Laker 6 Man played the second to last with grace and poise - pushing the match to the final hole, where only minutes prior, Watts had succeeded ahead of him.

Playing first, Kilberg went about his task with typical precision and poise: an intentional pre-shot routine, precise practice swing rehersals, and a trusting committment to the shot at hand.  His backswing found his club in perfect position and a snapshot at impact would have shown the same.  The arc of the shot was poetic; and as it paused before decending, a glimmer of sunshine reflected off its white surface.  The ball fell to the green below, and came to rest 8 feet from the hole.

That was the moment.  That was shot.  That was the execution.  That was Shane Kilberg.

For his effort, he would go on to secure enough points for the match to be split.  Boys' Latin had rallied from a losing position to come from behind and split the contest.  It was quite an afternoon, and quite an inspiration for a squad that just seems to be getting started.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 10.5  / Loyola 10.5


Boys' Latin vs Archbishop Spalding
April 11, 2013

Boys' Latin hosted the Cavaliers of Archbishop Spalding at The Suburban Club in the home opener of the 2013 Season - and as sunny skies and warm temperatures greeted them on the first tee, the two teams found it difficult to believe that their original match date had been snowed-out just two weeks prior.  Following announcements and introductions, both squads let loose across the linksland in a face-off that proved to be both formadible and highly-competitive.

Props on the day were awarded to Sophomore Shane Kilberg and his playing partner, Junior Drew Miller.  For his part, Kilberg - anchored in the 6th slot - grappled hard with his Cavalier competitor and notched victories in the front and total matches.  The steely Laker anchorman rolled in a putt on the final hole to win the over-all; and in doing so, continued to build his repuation as the conference's steadiest closer.  For his part, Miller was also deserving of considerable praise.  Having earned the 5th man slot the day prior in a man-to-man playoff that found him rallying from 2 down with 2 left before winning in sudden death, the long-hitting Laker Junior fought tough to win the front and total matches while splitting the back side.  In doing so, Drew Miller distinguished himself as the day's top point earner for Boys' Latin - and was welcomed accordingly by the high-fives and cheers of his teammates upon his exit from the final green.

Bennett Wisner battled back from a rough start to split the match's second half.  His partner, Danny Murphy, birdied three of the final four holes to take his match the distance in an admirable battle that found the Laker spit-fire clawing his way through a hard-fought contest. 

Dylan Watts and Randy Wells stayed in-balance and on point with top-level ball striking and engaging on-course partnership.  Both Laker middle-men turned their match circumstances around following a challenging start:  Wells after relocating his power swing and Watts following a mid-round tweak to his clubface position at impact.  Watts dug deep to battle back in the match's second half, and took the back side point in an admirable victory.

MIAA matches require eleven points for a victory.  The Lakers came within four points against the Cavaliers.  It was a day of reasonable play and only a few miscues - and one which, while unfortunate in outcome, failed to yield any real concern from the play and teamwork of the starting squad.  Thiese boys are on the right path.  And their future continues to show great promise.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 7  /  Archbishop Spalding 14.  

Boys' Latin vs St. Paul's
April 2, 2013

Boys' Latin took to the road for their opening contest of the 2013 season, and faced-off against the Crusaders of St. Paul's.  A long-standing healthy rivalry envelopes this annual competition, and both sides were well-aware of the pride associated with a victorious outcome.  St. Paul's had taken the win in 2012, following multiple seasons of victory from Boys' Latin; and with a line-up that boasted single digit handicaps from all participants, the Crusaders presented themselves as truly formidable opposition again this season.

25 mph winds and temperatures in the low to mid 40s made for a turbulent one-two punch for both sides.  The Lakers, clad in 4 layers of protective gear, took to the links with a one-shot-at-a-time mentality and a dogged focus that they maintained successfully through the day.  And as mother nature pelted them with gusts and dropping temperatures - and as their conference rival fought them with long drives and clutch putts - the Lakers forged ahead with grit and determination, step by step, shot by shot.

Junior Bennett Wisner and Senior Danny Murphy partnered to win the team point against their top-seeded opponents.  Murphy battled back to win the back after dropping the front side.  And Wisner, who enters the season as the MIAA's top-ranked player, won the front, back and total matches to collect all three points in his match.  Wisner even overcame a tough loss on the par 4 5th hole, when his opponent holed out for eagle from 130 yards.  Respectful of his opponent's achievement but undeterred in his own mission, Wisner moved past the moment and focused on the task at hand.  In doing so, he failed to yield the momentum and continued in his course of victory.

Starting in his first MIAA match, Junior Randy Wells teed it up in the #3 position for the Lakers.  Wells, who vaulted toward the top of the order after an off-season that found his game improving tremendously, moved from #10 in the team's power ranking index to #3 in no less than 10 months.  A remarkable accomplishment in its own right, and one that earned the firey-competitor a slot in the heart of the order.  The rookie showed his determination throughout his match - and battled tough through the day's contest.  After dropping the front side three-down, he refused to quit - and dug deep within himself to forge ahead in a knock-down-drag-out slug-fest that went the distance of the back side.  On the final hole, a par five, the long-hitting Wells let fly a monster of a drive that split the fairway - and followed with a clutch second shot that found the green.  From there he would win the hole and the second half match - notching a critical point for his team and a long-standing memory a hard-fought first match.

Partnered with Wells was Junior Dylan Watts.  Watts, a third-year starter, earned a much-needed point on the front side by winning its final hole with a formidable showing on the dogleg left par four.  Watts showed strong poise and balance throughout the day; and deft touch greenside - no small accomplishment in the face of cold temperatures and strong winds.  Watts reflects a gentleman's demeanor - balanced, focused, engaging, humble - and layers on its surface a strong will to win.  As such, he remains the consummate teammate.

And then there was 5 and 6.

As close friends, Seth Miller and Shane Kilberg have long waited to parnter in competiton.  Both joined the Laker Golf Program years ago through its middle school shadow program.  Both competed alongside each other in practices and during off-season tournament contests.  And both had grinded their way through the roster to earn starting positions in 2013.  As if that weren't enough, when their first match's stage was finally set, it found them facing off against St. Paul's.  Awesome.

Speaking of awesome, the dynamic duo collected 5.5 of 7 available points.  Miller shot out of the gate and grabbed an early lead - one that he would carry to a front side win.  His margin of victory was strong enough to anchor the total match early, even in the face of a second side loss.  Miller and Kilberg notched the team point as well - due in part to Kilberg's strong showing in the #6 slot.  After splitting the front side, the Laker Sophomore turned it up a notch - and in elevating his ball-striking prowess to heightened levels, won the back side and total matches.  Among many highlights was Kilberg's tee shot on the par three 8th hole - one that came to rest four feet from the hole, setting up a crucial birdie for the rookie.  It was truly a day to remember for these two young men.  Friends and teammates, Miller & Kilberg got the job done.

The Lakers notched victory at day's end; and look to the weeks ahead with great ambition.  Most assuredly, they're having fun, playing tough and getting better.  The future's bright for this young squad.  And for all the right reasons.

Final Score:  Boys' Latin 12.5  /  St. Paul's 8.5 
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